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frequently asked questions

What damage can be repaired by PDR Australia?

PDR Australia not only specialises in the removal of dents, but we also have qualified spray painters and panel beaters to complete extensive hail damage repairs.
How long will the assessment take?
The assessment takes typically around 15 – 20 minutes. Our assessors will do a triage assessment by walking around your car to assess the damage and take the required photos of your vehicle. You will then be referred to our admin team to discuss the outcome and book your repairs.

How long does the repair process take?

The timeframe for repairs depends on the extent of the damage. One of our friendly staff members will advise you on how long your repairs may take when your car is assessed.

Will PDR cause any damage to existing paintwork?

Not at all. The quality of automotive paint used in today's cars is much more flexible and longer lasting than in older vehicles. This enables the PDR process to be extremely effective in repairing cars that have not sustained broken or overly creased dents or panel damage.

I have a damaged windscreen.
If you feel as though it is unsafe to drive please contact your insurer. Otherwise, if you can continue to drive your vehicle, please point it out to one of our assessors when you attend your assessment, as we can replace glass during repairs.

How do I pay my excess?

Your excess is paid to us at the end of repairs when you collect your car.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Most definitely! We offer a full Lifetime Guarantee on our repairs and our quality of workmanship.

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Lifetime Guarantee

We stand by our product! Our technicians are intensively trained to provide the highest possible standard of dent repair, and we challenge you to find any sign of hail damage, dents or dings following the work we do on your vehicle. We reserve the right to assess the damage before proceeding with the repair. If there is damage to the paint or the metal is too creased, it may be necessary for the damaged panel to be panel beaten and re-sprayed.