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What damage can be repaired by PDR Australia?

We repair or remove small dents from the size of a button through to large dents the size of a basket ball, although repair may depend on the location of the damage and how severe it is. The types of damage we work on can be caused by any number of things, from hail to shopping centre car park damage, basically any damage which has not broken or cracked the vehicle paintwork. We will be happy to appraise the damage and then advise whether it can successfully be repaired or removed using the PDR process.

How long does the repair process take?

It depends on the number and size of dents. A small dent might only take an hour or two to repair while larger dents might take a few hours to repair. Multiple dents or hail damage may take us a few days to remove. Location of dents also has some bearing on the time taken. Since repairs are usually made from the rear of the dent, access to them may be hindered by things like air bags, double metal skins and side intrusion bars, making the work more time consuming.

Will PDR cause any damage to existing paintwork?

Not at all. The quality of automotive paint used in today's cars is much more flexible and longer lasting than in older vehicles and this enables the PDR process to be extremely effective in repairing cars which have not sustained broken or overly creased dents or panel damage.

What can't be fixed using PDR?

We are unable to repair damage where the paint has been cracked or the metal has stretched. This sort of severe damage will need to be repaired and resprayed using conventional panel shop methods. Badly damaged panels will need to be replaced and repainted. We will be more than happy to refer you to a reputable panel shop.

Can line dents or paint creases be repaired using PDR?

It depends on the severity. This sort of damage can be time consuming and challenging to repair. It may not be cost effective for you. An inspection will determine the answer. We have trade relationships with reputable panel shops all over Australia and may need to refer you to an associate in your neighbourhood.

How much does Paintless Dent Repair cost?

PDR is not expensive, especially in comparison to traditional methods of panel shop repair which might cost upwards of $500. Our methods offer a potential 50% - 75% saving. You will be advised of total cost when receiving our no obligation FREE quote.

Will I see where PDR work has been done?

In most cases dent removals using the PDR system will be completely undetectable, but if there has been damage sustained which has caused metal to be stretched there may be some slight detection. We will advise you if this is a possibility after inspection and offer other options.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Most definitely! We offer a full Lifetime Guarantee on our repairs and our quality of workmanship.

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Lifetime Guarantee

We stand by our product! Our technicians are intensively trained to provide the highest possible standard of dent repair and we challenge you to find any sign of hail damage, dents or dings following the work we do on your vehicle. We reserve the right to assess the damage before proceeding with the repair. If there is damage to the paint or the metal is too creased it may be necessary for the damaged panel to be panel beaten and re-sprayed.